About ADIC

Our team possess a wealth of education and experience to collectively deliver an extensive range of specialized dental services.

We want you to be comfortable when visiting us and are pleased to provide our patients with an immaculate and friendly facility that caters to your every need, resulting in the optimal patient experience.


Bookings are available through our website, or through our telephone reception service. For urgent consultations or needs call 021 34960302 or 03000214887

Schedule a consultation appointment and we will custom-design a step-by-step treatment plan detailing length of treatment from the very first visit.


Monday  9am – 9pm

Tuesday  9am – 9pm

Wednesday  9am – 9pm

Thursday  9am – 9pm

Friday  9am – 9 pm

Saturday  9am – 9 pm


Time Keeping

We endeavor to see all patients on time. Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, we can run behind time. Should this occur we will keep you updated on how long you can expect to wait. Should you be delayed getting to your appointment please phone us to let us know. If a patient is very late for an appointment there is a possibility that we may have to reschedule this appointment.

Appointment Reminders

We will try to contact you the day before your appointment to remind you of the date and time. This is a courtesy service and we expect patients to make a note of dates and times of their appointments.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hour cancellation notice so that the appointment may be given to another patient on our waiting list. Should you be unable to contact us please leave a message on our answering machine so that we are aware of the changes to our schedule.


If you have a dental emergency please contact us and we will endeavor to look after you as soon as possible.