Traditional braces involve using orthodontic appliances such as ligatures and wires to move crooked or misaligned teeth to a healthier position over time. At ADI Centre, we provide traditional braces for children, adolescents, and adults. We take special care to produce straight, healthy smiles with a gentle, compassionate touch.

For centuries, dentists have understood the need for straight, stable teeth. In fact, orthodontic appliances have been used to straighten smiles for hundreds of years. Fortunately, methods and technology to straighten teeth have significantly evolved and patients now enjoy far more effective, healthy, and comfortable treatment.

Children and adolescents often require orthodontic treatment when their permanent teeth emerge. Many times, the eruption of new teeth replacing baby teeth create crowding and other orthodontic problems. In these instances, braces and orthodontic appliances can expand the palate, reposition teeth, and create the space necessary for new teeth to erupt properly. Even if a patient received orthodontic treatment earlier in life, braces may also be necessary in adulthood after the eruption of wisdom teeth, which can cause teeth to become crowded and crooked.

In addition to producing a more attractive smile, orthodontic treatment also promotes a healthier mouth. When teeth are misplaced—especially if they are crowded or overlap, patients encounter great difficulty properly cleaning between them. In fact, removing the plaque deposits between crowded teeth is practically impossible. Because many patients with orthodontic problems possess a diminished ability to conduct thorough oral hygiene, they hold a higher risk for gum disease, dental caries, and tooth loss.

During examinations, we will assess the placement of your teeth and may recommend that you undergo treatment to correct displaced teeth. In addition to providing traditional orthodontics, ADI Centre also offers Invisalign treatment. We strive to produce beautiful and healthy smiles for all our patients.