Vision & Mission

Vision, Mission & Values


Our mission is to help patients find the right clinic for the treatment they want, by giving them access to all the information they need to make an informed decision.

We do this through the commitment and dedication of our people.


We are the destination practice of Courthouse whose mission is to provide outstanding care with a personal touch and unparalleled customer service.

We are a relationship-based practice whose foundation is built on honesty integrity and care. We are focused on the patient experience. Through our co-discovery approach we will listen and help patients make the best decisions about their oral health.

Our team is committed to continuing education and the latest in technology. Being a “complete dental institute” we are able to deliver all dental services in our state of the art practice and be a center for education for other dentists. By referral of your family and friends our community of patients grows “Changing the way Courthouse Smiles.”

Our mission is to serve our community and provide first-class, honest, ethical and affordable dental care in a relaxed and safe environment by a highly trained and dedicated team. We aim to help our community achieve an outstanding oral health for life.

We are set to make you leave the practice not only feeling great but also knowing that you have had good value for money. If you would like to meet the team and benefit from our exclusive Cosmetic and Dental Implant treatments, please come along to Asthetik Dental and Implant Centre.

Our clinical areas, treatment rooms and car park space are on the ground floor, So all are very suitable for wheelchair use.

The practice is very family oriented and the environment is very comfortable and relaxing.


We believe in a world where elective health patients will be able to make active and individual decisions about where to get treated, not unlike the way they decide which new car to buy today. Successful clinics will recognize that patients are evolving. Patients are becoming empowered consumers. We believe in a world where it is easy for clinics to provide accurate and pertinent information as well as excellent customer care. We will be a global leader in patient experience for the elective healthcare sector, connecting the right customers with appropriate clinics and providing all the necessary tools and information patients need to make an informed choice.


These values are a set of shared principles that we believe in. They shape and influence our attitudes, how we conduct ourselves and how we treat others.

We value innovation because we believe it can create and deliver meaning in a changing world.

We value innovation.

Our business is constantly changing and innovation weaves through everything we do. Trying new things is not just encouraged, but expected. Ideas are everywhere, but ideas backed up by solid thinking are what we seek. Experimentation is good, and we have fun doing it. Failure is a learning tool.

We value transparency

because we believe people make better decisions when they have the full picture.

We value transparency. We believe information should be shared, not hoarded. We champion transparency and openness in our business, with our users, with our customers and with each other. We are honest about what we do and how we do it. We should speak the truth, even when it is painful.

We value people

because by working together to help others we can change the world.

We value people and embrace their uniqueness. We support and respect each other. Our users are normal people with rights, valid worries and real feelings. We are here to help them. Every clinic that grows with our help increases employment, job security and economic success. By helping people, we can change the world.